A computed tomography scan, commonly known as a CT scan, is a diagnostic tool that gives us 3 dimensional models of your oral cavity. It is similar to an x-ray with a high level of clarity and accuracy.

CT Scans are important for diagnosing many conditions. They help detect types of oral cancer, they are essential for determining bone density for dental implants, and they aid in the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders. It also plays an essential role in full mouth restorations as well as generally evaluating the different parts of the oral cavity.

There are many benefits to using a CT Scan, one of which is achieving high quality imaging in a short amount of time. Images can be created and viewed on a computer in a matter of seconds, making it easier for us to provide the dental care you need. It is also a non-invasive procedure that allows us to see both bone and soft tissues, from multiple angles.

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